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Stray horses gathered from sites in Swansea

More than 20 stray horses abandoned on land in Swansea have been collected in joint operations between Swansea Council, South Wales Police and the RSPCA.

horses the racecourse

Two separate operations have been completed recently after reports of horses roaming on public and common land had been received.

A total of 12 horses have been removed from Clyne common during three exercises undertaken over the summer months. The horses are now being rehomed with various registered horse owners in a bid to ease the burden on horse sanctuaries and charities.

A separate operation completed in November resulted in nine stray horses being removed from land in Mynyddbach. They are being transferred to a horse sanctuary.

Ongoing initiatives by the Council and RSPCA to work with horse owners and horse charities has led to a reduction in the number of horses that have been impounded in 2016 compared to previous years.

Mark Child Cabinet Member for Wellbeing and Healthy City said: "These latest operations show our commitment to ensuring the welfare of these abandoned animals.

"Wild horses left on land in Swansea can cause problems not only for the animals but also for locals living nearby, as well as motorists who may encounter them if they wander into the road.

"We are continuing to work with horse owners so that they understand what their responsibilities are."

In the summer, the RSPCA also secured a number of banning orders against individuals found guilty of neglecting horses.

Romain de Kerckhove, RSPCA Chief Inspector said: "Horse owners must understand that if they do not meet the needs of their animals, or cause suffering to them, then the RSPCA will take action. We will not tolerate cruelty, and will continue to put cases before the courts when owners do not properly care for their animals.

We will continue to work with the Council and other agencies to ensure that the welfare of these animals is a priority, and that horse owners fully understand what they need to do to properly care for a horse."

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