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Core documents - Submitted LDP Docs ('LDP')

Documents and guidance prepared and/or referred to in relation to the LDP (including the council's evidence base and submission documents).

Delivery Agreement

LDP01  PDF Document LDP Delivery Agreement (Revised 2017) (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window 

Deposit Local Development Plan: July 2016

LDP02  PDF Document Swansea Local Development Plan 2010-2025, Deposit Plan (July 2016) (PDF, 24MB)Opens new window

LDP03  PDF Document Swansea LDP Deposit Plan Appendices (July 2016) (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

LDP04  PDF Document Swansea LDP Deposit Plan Proposals Maps (PDF, 21MB)Opens new window

LDP05  PDF Document Swansea LDP Deposit Plan Proposals Maps - Village Inset Maps (PDF, 28MB)Opens new window

LDP06  Swansea LDP Deposit Plan Proposals Map - County Map

LDP07  Swansea LDP Deposit Plan Constraints Map - County Map

Sustainability Appraisal

LDP08  PDF Document Sustainability Appraisal Report of Deposit Plan (June 2016) (PDF, 6MB)Opens new window

LDP09a  PDF Document SA Report Appendices (June 2016) (PDF, 817KB)Opens new window &

LDP09b  PDF Document SA Report - Non technical summary (June 2016) (PDF, 5MB)Opens new window

LDP10a LDP Preferred Strategy SA Report August 2013

LDP10b LDP Preferred Strategy SA Report Non Technical Summary August 2013

LDP11 LDP Preferred Strategy SA Report (Revised) July 2014

Habitats regulations appraisal

LDP12 Habitats Regulations Assessment of LDP Preferred Strategy - 18th July 2013

LDP13 Habitats Regulations Assessment of Revised LDP Preferred Strategy - July 2014)

LDP14  PDF Document Habitats Regulations Assessment of LDP Deposit Plan - Revised 2017 (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window See examination document ED017 for Feb 2018 Update -  PDF Document HRA Feb 2018 (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

Deposit Representations & Alternative Sites

LDP15a *Deposit LDP Representations and Council's Responses: Link to Online Representations & Guide to Viewing Representations Online 

LDP15b PDF Document Index of Deposit Representations and References (PDF, 550KB)Opens new window

LDP15c PDF Document Index of New Representor No. -v- Jdi Consultee ref  (PDF, 407KB)Opens new window

LDP15d PDF Document Register of Alternative Sites (PDF, 9MB)Opens new window

LDP15e Deposit representations (including supporting documents and evidence submitted) - PAPER COPY ONLY

Consultation Reports

LDP16a Initial LDP Consultation Report 2016 & 

LDP16b Initial LDP Consultation Report Appendices July 2016

LDP17 PDF Document Deposit LDP Consultation Report - July 2017 (PDF, 12MB)Opens new window 

Other LDP Submission Documents

LDP18 PDF Document Notice of Submission of a Local Development Plan (August 2017) (PDF, 231KB)Opens new window

LDP19  PDF Document Letter of Submission of LDP to Welsh Government & Planning Inspectorate (28 July 2017) (PDF, 285KB)Opens new window

LDP20  PDF Document Schedule of Non-Substantive Amendments to LDP (July 2017) (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window

LDP21 Cabinet / Full Council Reports 

LDP22 PDF Document Statement of Suggested Main Issues for Consideration at Examination (PDF, 353KB)Opens new window 

LDP23  PDF Document Indicative List of Representors requesting to participate at Examination Hearings (PDF, 391KB)Opens new window

LDP24  PDF Document Self Assessment of LDP Soundness (PDF, 567KB)Opens new window

# Documents above dated as 'Revised 2017' include updates and clarifications arising after the Deposit LDP consultation implemented to assist the examination, including amendments arising from representations made by consultees 

* Please note that the Council's responses to Deposit LDP Representations are Officer's Draft Responses and are subject to approval at Council on 27th July 2017.

Submitted Evidence Base & Supporting Documents ('EB')

Evidence Base submitted (by topic)

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