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Best Start - Top tops for singing and listening with your children

Top tips for interacting with your children through singing and listening.

Top tips for singing and listening

Best Start top tips for singing and listening with your baby

  • Speak in a happy smiley voice
  • The more you talk the more you help them become a good talker
  • Limit dummy use, it can make it difficult to talk
  • Look at your baby when you are talking to them
  • Respond with your face. Your expression will tell baby you have heard them
  • Cuddle your baby - they also learn through body language
  • Sing to them about anything
  • Look for non-verbal clues, baby shutting their eyes might be their way of saying 'I have had enough'
  • Try singing to help with routines - a special bedtime song can help settle your baby
  • Use your own language to talk to your baby.

Best Start top tips for talking, singing and listening with young children

  • Talk about what your child is doing
  • Give them time to respond, they are learning what you already know
  • Talk to them about new and interesting things 'Wow! Look at the train!'
  • Encourage them to listen to new sounds
  • Share stories and rhymes
  • Dance and join in! Act out 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes'

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