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Support for charities involved in reuse of furniture

Charities and not for profit third sector organisations who are involved in re-use within the local community, diverting items and materials from landfill, have access to Re-use credits.

Re-use credits

They are paid at £50 per tonne and claims should be made quarterly. All completed application forms must be accompanied by proof that all the items have arisen within the City and County of Swansea and are classified as household waste.

The budget for this scheme is capped at £25K across all organisations per year. For full details of the scheme please contact Keith Coxon or PDF Document download the booklet (PDF, 205KB)Opens new window.

Disposal of waste from the above type organisations and charities

Requests for collections of items which are not fit for reuse and resale from organisations premises or shops will be charged for at the going commercial rate. Go to Commercial, business, trade waste and recycling or ring Swansea 511916 / 7 / 8. Non-recyclable waste can be taken to the Baling Plant in Llansamlet but disposal of this general waste will be charged at the going rate.

However, loads of recyclable materials can be accepted free of charge at our site in Llansamlet or Swansea Waste Action Team (SWAT) project in Clydach. The following items and materials are accepted at:

  • Baling Plant, Llansamlet - Recyclable items/materials ie wood, metal, electrical goods, mattresses, carpets etc.
  • SWAT Project, Clydach - Re-usable / Recyclable items such as 3 piece suites and armchairs etc.

Please contact the SWAT Project before you take anything there to make sure they have capacity to receive them and to save you a wasted journey. If not you will need to make alternative arrangements for disposal which may be charged. The telephone number for the SWAT Project is 01792 846768

Access to the two sites is approved on production of a duty of care certificate and proof of charitable status. All individual organisations will be capped at 50 tonnes per year. After this anything delivered to the sites will be charged at the going rate. Please do not attempt to take loads to any other household waste recycling site as they will not be accepted.

If you are to dispose of recyclable material using the facilities at the Baling Plant or Clydach then you will need to provide a list of vehicle registration numbers in order that your weighbridge account can be set up. Please contact the site on Swansea 796886. This will need to be updated if you change vehicles.

Again, ALL waste must be designated household waste and have been generated within the boundaries of the City and County of Swansea. You may be asked to produce documentation to prove the origin of the materials and items.

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