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Local air quality management timetable

The LAQM timetable shows when air quality review and assessments, and progress reports are due.

YearUpdating and Screening AssessmentProgress ReportDetailed Assessment

Round 4 - Completion Dates

200930 April 2009-Whenever necessary*
2010-30 April 2010Whenever necessary
2011-30 April 2011Whenever necessary

Round 5 - Completion Dates

201230 April 2012-Whenever necessary
2013-30 April 2013Whenever necessary
2014-30 April 2014Whenever necessary

Round 6 - Completion Dates

201530 April 2015-Whenever necessary
2016-30 April 2016Whenever necessary
2017-30 April 2017Whenever necessary

*Detailed Assessments are due within 12 months of the date they are initiated, which can be at any time.

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