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Improvement objective H

People are safe, well and supported to live independently (adult services).

1. What do we want to achieve?

2. Why is this important?

  • Increase the percentage of cases where the risk safeguarding vulnerable adults has been managed.
  • Increase the percentage of people that are supported to be independent.
  • Reduce the time taken to taken between the completion of the care plan and provision/installation of aids/equipment.
  • ​Help clients return home following a period of reablement.
  • To foster a collective responsibility to safeguarding across all of our staff and increase resilience to cope with the increased demands from an ageing population.
  • To promote the independence, safety and dignity of service users.
  • To reduce the need for admission to hospital or residential care.
  • ​To provide high quality person-centred care and better outcomes for service users that is also more financially sustainable than long-term residential care.

Performance measures

  1. Percentage of cases where the risk (safeguarding vulnerable adults) has been managed.
  2. Percentage of people supported to be independent.
  3. SSA2 - The average number of working days taken from completion of the care plan and/or installation of aids/equipment.
  4. Percentage of clients returning home following reablement.
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