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Getting information

Details of meetings including are published on the Council website.

Getting involved

The Board is keen to involve anyone who can contribute to its work. 

You can contact any of the Cabinet Members who sit on the Board.

You can contact the Chair of the Scrutiny Programme Committee or relevant scrutiny officer if you want to find out the work that scrutiny is doing in respect of the Board. 

You can also contact the sponsor or coordinator for the relevant working group if you are interested in the work that they are doing.

Raising an issue

As a councillor you can raise an issue or concern in three ways:

  1. Through the Cabinet Members who are directly involved in the Board including the Leader
  2. Through the scrutiny panel
  3. By attending a meeting and asking a question


The activities of the Board will generate a number of resources that you can use in your role as a councillor.  This will include:

The Well-being Assessment:  Will bring together a range of quantitative and qualitative research in an assessment of the following outcomes, agreed by the Board as the starting point for its work:

  • Children have a Good Start in Life
  • People Learn Successfully
  • Young People and Adults Have Good Jobs
  • People Have a Decent Standard of Living
  • People are Healthy, Safe and Independent
  • People Have Good Places to Live and Work and Visit


The Wellbeing Plan:  Following the Wellbeing Assessment this will focus on a small number of wellbeing objectives and identify how they can be delivered.

Agendas and Minutes:  Reports and presentations relating to different aspects of the Board's work will include information relevant for you as a councillor.  The minutes of meetings will tell you what action is being taken in response to issues raised.

All of these documents, as well as other relevant reports, will be available on the Board's web pages.

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