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How the Board is held to account

The Board is held to account primarily through scrutiny. 

Scrutiny councillors have the power to:

  • review or scrutinise the decisions made or actions taken by the public services board;
  • review or scrutinise the board's governance arrangements;
  • make reports or recommendations to the board regarding its functions or governance arrangements;
  • consider matters relating to the board as the Welsh Ministers may refer to it and report to the Welsh Ministers accordingly; and
  • carry out other functions in relation to the board that are imposed on it by the Act.

The Board is also accountable to Welsh Government Ministers and the Future Generations Commissioner either of whom can refer the Wellbeing plan or the Wellbeing Assessment to scrutiny if they feel it is not adequate.

The Wales Audit Office will assess whether organisations are contributing to the Board as part of their normal work but cannot undertake an assessment of the Board itself.

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