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Healthy city ageing well

The City & County of Swansea with its partners have been implementing the Strategy for Older People since 2003/4.

Work has commenced on implementing the third phase of the Strategy (Living Longer Living Better 2013-23) with the vision that:

In January 2014 the Council's Cabinet signed the Dublin Declaration on age-friendly cities and communities in Europe. In September 2014 the Council resolved to work towards making Swansea a Dementia Supportive Community.

The Older People's Commissioner for Wales' office, supported by the Welsh Government, WLGA, NHS Wales, etc. has led the development of the Ageing Well in WalesOpens new window programme.

The overall aim of the programme is to ensure that there is an improvement in the wellbeing of people aged 50+ in Wales and it has the following priority areas:

  • Age Friendly Communities (Overarching aim: to make Wales a nation of age-friendly communities)Dementia Supportive Communities (Overarching aim: To make Wales a dementia supportive nation by building  and promoting dementia supportive communities)
  • Falls Prevention (Overarching aim: To support older people to reduce their risk of falling, reducing the number of falls amongst older people in Wales)
  • Opportunities for Learning and Employment (Overarching aim: To ensure the experience of older people in Wales is optimised through continued learning and employment)
  • Loneliness and Isolation (Overarching aim: To reduce levels of loneliness and isolation and their negative impact on health and well-being as experienced by older people in Wales)

These areas support the achievement of the outcomes of the third phase of the Strategy for Older People. There is a national Strategic Advisory Group chaired by the Older People's Commissioner and an Expert Advisory Group for each of the five priority areas.

Each local authority has been asked to develop an ageing well plan by the end of October 2015. The local plan will be submitted to the Older People's Commissioner for Wales' office and Welsh Government and will form part of the national Ageing Well in Wales Implementation Plan to be published later in the year. Local work on ageing well will be the key way in which the third phase of the strategy for older people is implemented in Swansea.

The work on the ageing well plan supports the Healthy City Phase VI Investing in Health through a Life Course and Empowering People theme which has older people as a priority. This includes enhancing the conditions of life of older people with a particular focus on healthy ageing (supporting good health and its social determinants throughout the life course).

Four planning groups have developed the work on the ageing well plan as the core of the strategy with the following leads:

  • Age Friendly Communities & Dementia Supportive Communities

Contact Jeanette Munn on

  • Falls Prevention

Contact Sharon Miller, ABMU HB on

  • Opportunities for Learning and Employment

Contact Robert Douglas on

  • Loneliness and Isolation

Contact Amy Meredith-Davies on or Francesca Grice, SCVS on

Group membership has been drawn from partners across the LSB with contributions made to each of the priorities within the plan.

The general contact is Paul Thomas on or 01792 637420.

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