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Food waste collections for flats

There are two ways of recycling your food waste if you live in a flat.

Option 1 - communal food bin

Each flat is provided with a handy caddy and a free liners to keep in the kitchen. This can then be emptied into the communal food bin whenever you want. We will empty this bin every week.

Option 2 - individual food bin

Again, you would have a caddy and free liners for your kitchen. This can then be emptied into the larger individual food bin. This can either be stored in the bin store, or put out onto the kerbside for collection every week.

Please ask your management company which option they adopt in your complex. Our Food waste collection page explains what you can put into your food waste bins.


  • Once your caddy is full, put the waste into the food waste collection bin, ready for collection
  • It is ok to wrap food waste in kitchen towels or newspaper
  • Do not use plastic carrier bags to line your caddy

Find out where you can get more caddy liners. Alternatively ask your caretaker as they may have a supply for the flat complex.

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