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Retrospective approval of building works

If you have carried out work without first receiving building regulations approval then you can apply for retrospective approval. This process is called regularisation.

This applies to all works carried out after 11th November 1985.

If you do not gain approval then you may have problems re-mortgaging or selling the property.  There may also be health and safety problems.  

How to apply 

You should contact Swansea Building Control on 01792 635636 or email  You can find out how to make a payment on our Fees page.  The fee will be the standard amount for the work plus an extra 50%.

You should submit two copies of plans showing the work before and after with full constructional details, along with a regularisation application form and the right fee.

What happens next

Once your application is received, a surveyor will contact you to visit the premises and check what has been done. If remedial work is necessary this will be highlighted and once corrected, a regulation certificate will be issued.

Planning permission

Remember you may also need planning permission for the work and you should contact Planning for advice.

If you are unable to visit the Civic Centre, we will be happy to call at your premises to talk about your application or any queries you may have.  You can arrange a visit by contacting Building Control on 01792 635636 or using our form to .

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