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We have a range of exotic species fish on show in the aquarium, including the feared piranha.

The piranha known for their razor sharp teeth can be found in Plantasia.

Origin / Habitat: rivers of South America

Size: up to 30cm

Diet: Fish, snails, insects, mammals and birds

Did you know?

  • The piranha is a type of freshwater fish which is commonly found in the rivers of South America. Generally in fast flowing rivers and streams where there is plenty of food to eat.
  • Piranhas are known for their sharp, pointed teeth and their shark-like feeding frenzies.
  • They have a row of razor sharp teeth. Tribal members in the Amazon rainforest use piranha teeth to sharpen darts when hunting using their blowpipes.
  • Their diet consists of mainly fish, snails, insects as well as eating larger mammals and birds that fall into the waters.
  • Their predators include crocodiles, turtles, birds and larger fish.
  • The piranha can grow up to 30cm, however some have been recorded to be nearly 80cm in length.
  • In August 2009, a 35cm piranha was found in a river in Devon.
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