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Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

For young people with Additional Learning Needs in Swansea.

How is Additional Learning Needs changing?

The Additional Learning Needs and Educational Tribunal Wales (ALNET) Act 2018 is part of how Additional Learning Needs is changing.

About Additional Learning Needs

All parents want their children to do well at school. Some children may need more support to achieve their potential.

Professionals who can help

There are a number of different professionals who are available to support learners on their learning journey.

What education provision is right for your child / young person?

There are a number of options open to your child / young person, depending on their age.

What can schools / colleges (FEI) do to help?

Schools and other education establishments can do a number of different things to support and identify additional learning needs.

Resolving concerns

Many problems can be solved informally by talking to the teachers at your child's school. Before taking further action, make sure that you have shared your concerns.

Frequently asked questions

Questions that parents/carers often ask about Additional Learning Needs.
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Last modified on 14 November 2023