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The Essence of Photography [Wed, 10.00am-12.00pm] - DL042439.LB

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Duration - 10 weeks

Advanced: A course suitable for students that are competent using their camera and equipment and would like to understand more of the visual rather than the technical process to improve their photography. This approach will develop each individual's work to a higher level, expanding existing awareness and gaining further understanding of image making.

Each week students will acquire skills enabling them to fully utilise their camera features.
Also develop their creativity rather than the emphasis being on technical aspects of photography. Looking at examples of other photographer's work, photographic styles and subjects, expanding student's awareness of photography, encouraging them to explore new directions.

Students will be given projects to complete relating to topics covered during the course. This will provide an ideal opportunity to cultivate individual style, explore new subject matter and themes, producing images of interest and structure. Students can share their work through the online classroom, a platform where they can also discuss photo related topics and projects. Creating a dialogue that will support, inspire and encourage each other's development and enjoyment of photography.

Links to useful websites, articles and exhibitions will be shared. Field trips will be planned to take place during the course, but this will depend on Welsh Government guidelines in respect to Covid-19.

Themes will cover:

  • Understand how to effectively use composition, framing, geometry, colour, form and lighting to create a good photograph.
  • Inspiration from other photographers and artists work.
  • Portraiture.
  • Travel photography.
  • Street photography.
  • Abstract.
  • Nature and landscape.
  • Macro (close up) photography.
  • Black and white photography.
  • Produce a photo story, combine words and pictures.
  • Presentation of work in various forms, visually, printed, video, combining music and text.

Sessions will include:

  • Classroom based teaching.
  • Assignments / projects.
  • Tutor feedback will be provided on assignments.
  • Group discussion and evaluation of work by the class.
  • Fieldtrips may take place as part of this 10 week course, depending on Welsh Government guidelines in respect of Covid-19.


Learning format: Face to face.

Course code: DL042439.LB

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