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Calligraphy - Term 1: Getting to grips with Gothic lettering [Wed, 7pm-8pm]

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With Judith Porch. Calligraphy is a vast and absorbing subject that can become a lifetime of study!

This course is £10.00 per term. After 'submit', please check your booking details then press the 'book now' button. You will receive an automated email with a secure link to complete your payment.


Calligraphy is a vast and absorbing subject that can become a lifetime of study!

The Gothic style often described as "Old English" by the lay person actually has its roots in Germany. When you think of Gothic Architecture you think of pointed arches and this lettering has much in common with that.

We will begin our study with Blackletter so called because of the density of the lettering which makes it appear black. Indeed it resembles a picket fence being made from equally spaced strokes. It is extremely decorative and great fun to write.

Suitable for all levels this course will help you to create your own "beautiful writing".

You will learn:

  • What tools and materials to use to get the best results
  • How to form gothic letters
  • How to space your letters and words for maximum effect
  • How to research and analyse lettering in a manuscript
  • How to reproduce researched lettering

What you will produce

  • You will use the knowledge gained through research to produce your own project, this can be small and simple or large and complex depending on your skill level and interest
  • You will create a piece of work suitable for a gift such as a poem
  • Design a Christmas card

Sessions will include:

  • Comprehensive 'how to' videos.
  • Online / printable documents and resources.
  • Live sessions will include tutor demonstrations.
  • Twice termly face-to-face sessions to discuss progress and problem solving. (Weeks 4 and 8, 20 minute session to be confirmed with your tutor for Wednesday, between 7-9pm at Victoria Park Pavilion)

Material costs roughly £30.
Full list provided in first lesson.
For the first session you will need 2 pencils preferably the same grade ie. HB, cheap paper and tape

Learning format: Blended learning, mainly online.

Course code: EN092255.JPO

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