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Calligraphy - Term 2: Gothic variations [Mon 12.30-4.30pm fortnightly]

Monday 16 January 2023
Start Time 12:30

With Judith Porch. Calligraphy is a vast and absorbing subject that can become a lifetime of study!

This course is £10.00 per term. After 'submit', please check your booking details then press the 'book now' button. You will receive an automated email with a secure link to complete your payment.


During this term we will be developing our understanding of the Gothic style.

By researching historical and contemporary examples of Gothic lettering learners will develop an understanding of the style. Learners will be encouraged to analyse and study their favourite lettering variation or artist in order to create their own. Examples could be the Fraktur and Bâtarde styles or famous calligraphers such as Herman Zapf or Johann Neudörffer.

Following our analysis learners will be encouraged to begin planning their own unique project. How they develop this will depend on their interest.

You will learn:

  •  How to analyse an alphabet
  •  Researching the most influential Gothic lettering artists over the centuries
  •  Study and reproduce either a traditional gothic manuscript page or a contemporary gothic textural panel

What you will produce

  •  A manuscript page or small panel
  •  A modern take of the gothic script based on your chosen artist

What you will need

  •  Your usual calligraphy equipment
  •  Access to books or the internet for research
  •  Hot press watercolour paper or if you would prefer try a piece of traditional vellum (calf skin) available from your Tutor

Sessions will include:

  •  Tutor demonstrations
  •  Q & A
  •  Group work
  •  Practical work

Learning format: Face to Face fortnightly.

Monday dates
16 January 2023
30 January 2023
13 Februry 2023
27 February 2023
13 March 2023

Course code: EN012354.JPO

The ARC / Communities for Work

45 Broughton Avenue




United Kingdom

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