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Digital Photography for Beginners (Online)[Mon, 5.30pm-7.45pm] - DL042449.AH

Monday 17 June 2024
Start Time 17:30
Price Free

Duration - 8 weeks

Please be aware that this course runs 10 weeks from the start date. Friday 28th April. Bookings made after this date will mean that you will be joining the course late. Our tutors are happy to accept new learners if places are still available to book.

The course will suit students who are new to digital photography and those who have some knowledge and would like to gain new knowledge and skills to improve their photographs and understanding of photography. Sessions will be delivered online. Students will be expected to practice what they have learnt between sessions and may sometimes be set tasks to aid their learning. 2/3 Class field trips will take place as part of this 8 week course.

Sessions will include:

  • Main camera modes and menu settings.
  • Manual settings.
  • Composition - form, line and colour.
  • Understanding of basic photographic principles.
  • Understanding the 'Exposure Triangle' shutter speed, ISO and aperture (F/stop and depth of field).
  • How to get good exposure - and obtain creative control.
  • Fieldtrip photography followed by image analysis, feedback and discussion.
  • Lenses: telephoto, wide angle and zoom.
  • Macro (close-up) photography.
  • Uploading images onto your computer and file management as required.
  • Introduction to the main uses of image editing software; Photoshop, and
  • Printable handouts will be provided during the sessions.


Learning format: Online 

Course code: DL042449.AH


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