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Disabled Registration for People with a Physical or Sensory Disability

The purpose of this register is to ensure that local authorities know who in their area might benefit from services which are there to promote the welfare of disabled people.

What is the Register of Disabled People?

Every local authority has a legal duty to maintain a register of people who have a "substantial and permanent" disability.  This register is maintained by Social Services.

The purpose of this register is to ensure that local authorities know who in their area might benefit from services which are there to promote the welfare of disabled people. It can also help Social Services to plan ahead by providing estimates of the numbers of disabled people locally and what impairments they have.

Who can be registered?

Anyone who has a physical disability or sensory loss which is substantial (ie it has a significant effect on someone's day-to-day life) and is permanent (ie it is expected to last longer than a 12 month period).  
The disability can be something which has been present since birth, or it can be the result of illness, injury or the ageing process.
You do not have to be receiving, or requesting, a service from Social Services in order to register.

Is registration compulsory?

No.  Registration is entirely voluntary.

Most of the advantages that you get from registering are available to disabled people even if they don't register.  Many benefits and concessions only require someone to meet the criteria for registration, with no requirement for formal registration

What are the benefits of registration?

There are a few benefits that are available only to those who are registered as disabled.

These include:

  • Blind person's income tax allowance
  • Blind person's TV licence discount
  • Disabled person's railcard

However registration, and the possession of a registration card, may make it more straightforward for someone to claim the benefits and concessions to which they are entitled as a disabled person.

These include VAT exemptions on goods and services related to disability, reduced price or free public transport and concessions at theatres and cinemas. 

What is the registration process?

If you are already receiving a service from Social Services you should contact the social worker or care manager you normally deal with.   
If you have not previously had contact with Social Services there are slightly different processes dependent on your disability.
For sight or hearing loss queries contact:

Sensory Services Team
Telephone: 01792 315969 (Duty Line)
Text Relay:  18001 01792 315969
Fax: 01792 785021
SMS: 07919 626434

For physical disability queries contact:

Common Access Point for Health and Social Care
Tel: 01792 636519
Text phone: 07796 275412

Sight Loss 

In order to register you will need to obtain a CVI (Certificate of Vision Impairment) from an ophthalmic specialist.  This will confirm whether you have been certificated as sight impaired (SI) or severely sight impaired (SSI).  When this certificate is issued, the  ophthalmologist will ask you if you would like your details referred to Social Services.

Hearing Loss   

Your hearing loss can be assessed for registration by the Sensory Services Team. No independent evidence of hearing loss is required.  People are often referred for registration from the Audiology clinic.  

Physical disability

Wherever possible the Common Access Point, or the social worker dealing with your case, will obtain sufficient information to enable you to be registered. Sometimes, however, further information will be needed and they may need your permission to contact your GP.

Once your registration is complete, you will be sent a laminated registration card.

Does registration entitle me to services from Social Services?

The provision of social care services is always dependent on an assessment and the eligibility criteria that apply, and registering as disabled does not provide an automatic entitlement to services.  However you can request an assessment of your needs when you register.  
There is more information on our website 

Is the process the same for children?

Social Services is required to keep a separate record of children with disabilities -  the Child Disability Index - to ensure that a needs-led service is provided to such children and their families.  Again, registration is voluntary and no child can be included on the record without parental permission.

This record is maintained by Social Services and shared with professional staff in Health and Education.

There is no automatic transfer of information from this record to the central register of disabled people, and parents must give express consent for their child's details to be included on the disability register.  This option will usually be discussed with parents at the same time as the Child Disability Index.  However it is possible for a child to be included on the register of disabled people without being on the Child Disability Index.  
For more information contact the 

Child and Family Information, Advice and Assistance Service
01792 635700

Swansea Social Services and personal information

When you are in touch with Social Services, we will keep information about you in written records and computer files. We will keep this information confidential, except where we need to share it with people providing you with care, or to protect other people.
You have a right to ask to see records we keep about you.
We can give you more information about how we handle personal information. Phone 01792 636902 for the factsheet Your Personal Information. 

Comments and complaints

We welcome any comments about our services - good or bad. We are interested to hear how we could do things better, and we like to know when we are doing well.

If you are unhappy with the services you receive, we encourage you to make a complaint. Full details are given in the factsheet 'Making a comment, complaint or compliment about Social Services.' For more advice or information about making a complaint, you can contact our Complaints Officers on 01792 637345.

This information is also available in alternative formats, such as large print, on audio CD, in Braille, or electronically. Please phone 01792 636902 for copies


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