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Tourism update - 17 December 2021

Supporting our local tourism industry through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Review of the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.5) (Wales) Regulations 2020

Written Statement by First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS:

To stay safe in the run-up to Christmas, we strongly advise everyone follows these simple measures:

  • Get vaccinated - and if you have had your booster appointment, please make this your priority.
  • If you are going out, going Christmas shopping or visiting people - flow before you go. Take a lateral flow test. If it's positive - do not go out.
  • Meeting outdoors is better than indoors. If you are meeting indoors make sure it is well ventilated.
  • Space out any socialising - please leave at least a day between events.
  • Do not forget about social distancing, wearing a face covering and washing your hands.

To reduce the number of contacts between people, the coronavirus regulations will be amended to place a legal duty on employers to allow their employees to work from home if possible, and on employees to do so where practicable. This is particularly important when cases rates in the community are high as contacts in the workplace can be a significant driver of transmission.

In response to the expected increase in cases caused by omicron immediately after Christmas, we will introduce new restrictions on 27 December to help control its rapid spread and to prevent large numbers of people needing hospital care.

We will draw on elements from the alert level two regime - many of these will be familiar to the public and were used to keep businesses open in a safe way during earlier waves of the pandemic.

For businesses and services, there will be a new set of reasonable measures, which will include a new rule on 2m social distancing. This means that when shops, businesses and workplaces re-open after Christmas, they will need to make some changes to the way they operate, including putting extra measures in place to protect customers and staff, such as one-way systems and physical barriers.

Nightclubs must close from 27 December.

We will have further discussions with sector representatives, our public health advisers and sporting bodies about events over the coming days.    

Financial support of up to £60m will be available to businesses materially affected by these new restrictions. Further details about this support will be available on the Business Wales website.

Read full statement


Winter Campaign - upload your Christmas and New Year offers

Visit Swansea Bay Partners can upload their Christmas and New Year offers to for free. Just log in to the website, go to number 13 in the list of actions and upload your offer. 

Offers are an essential part of the campaigns we run to attract new and repeat visitors to the area and a great opportunity to give your business that extra bit of visibility. 

Not a partner yet? Entry listings are free - you can register your business here.  


The 12 scams of Christmas - Get the warning bells ringing!

It's the season to be jolly but do you really want to give presents to cybercriminals?

Cybercriminals are incredibly adaptable (especially at Christmas) so expect to receive fake alerts via email, text or social media about things in the news like Covid19 or severe weather warnings or perhaps adverts on half price Nintendo Switches or a text from the post office telling you your parcel couldn't be delivered. 

Each will ask you to click a link to provide personal details. Stay alert and don't respond.

When shopping online to get those important presents, we tend to start with the shops we know and trust but if we can't get what we want, people tend to cast their nets a little wider to shops that we don't recognise. This opens the door for fraudsters advertising 'in-demand' items. It's quite easy to clone a website so be careful which ones you visit.

Remember, the internet is awash with fake goods. One of the main tell-tale signs is if the product is suspiciously cheap. Look out for the 's' in 'https' at the beginning of a website address that identifies the website as secure. No 's' = no shopping.

Also watch out for malicious texts pretending to be from the NHS regarding Covid19. They are difficult to spot but don't click the links or provide any personal details. Visit the main NHS website for all the details you require.

Don't let criminals ruin the festive spirit - recognise the 12 scams of Christmas


Sign up to the Copr Bay e-newsletter

The seasonal newsletter brings you the latest updates from Swansea's vibrant new neighbourhood for culture and leisure.

A major catalyst for change in the city's £1billion transformation, Copr Bay, developed and funded by Swansea Council, will be a place to live, work, play and stay.

From previews of the new state-of-the-art arena and coastal park, to progress on-site and exciting announcements, this seasonal e-newsletter will keep you informed of the latest news.

Sign up now via the Copr Bay website


Council launches RDP e-newsletter

The Rural Development Programme (RDP) supports businesses, farmers, the countryside, and communities in rural areas across Wales and has been extended to 2023.

RDP funding has supported a variety of community led projects, including agricultural schemes, renewable energy initiatives and feasibility studies.

If you have a project idea, contact the RDP team at

You can now sign up to receive e-newsletters about rural funding and projects in the Swansea area.


DfT widens Workplace Charging Scheme to support tourism industry 

In order to support the tourism industry and improve access to rural areas, the Department for Transport (DfT) has announced changes to its Workplace Charging Scheme, which will be extended to small businesses such as B&Bs.

The Workplace Charging Scheme offers funding of up to 75% towards the upfront costs of the purchase and installation of EV charging points for eligible businesses, charities and public sector organisations.

Read full story


HMRC Employer Bulletin (December) 

HMRC publishes its employer bulletin 6 times a year, giving employers and agents the latest information on topics and issues that may affect them.
This month's edition covers updates on:

  • PAYE - there is important information for those who pay employees early for Christmas, and advice on how to prevent and correct payroll errors 
  • UK Transition and the recently agreed UK-Swiss Convention on Social Security coordination which came into force on 1 November 2021 
  • coronavirus (COVID-19) summary of guidance published by HMRC, and declaring grants on tax returns 
  • tax updates and changes to guidance

Download the December edition


Hanging baskets for businesses

Order hanging baskets, lamp post baskets and barrier troughs to brighten up your business this spring/summer.
We aim to start delivering the displays during May, depending on the growth of the baskets and weather permitting. Please ensure that you have fixed brackets in place so that we can hang them for you on delivery.

Please note that if you intend for lamp post baskets or barrier troughs to be put up where they haven't been put up previously you will need to contact us before placing your order so we can check that they don't impact upon road safety. 

Deadline for orders: 30 April 2022 (while stocks last)

Hanging baskets for businesses

Free webinars to help you compete online

In this increasingly competitive online space, how do you make sure your business stands out? Superfast Business Wales has free webinars on digital marketing, eCommerce, Websites and SEO to help you attract repeat business online.
Courses run throughout January and February so you can choose a date that suits you.

Find out more


Community Changemakers Fund - closes 23 December 

South West Wales Connected Community Rail Partnership has re-launched a community grant fund to support communities along the railway line to make change happen in their local places. 

The Community Changemakers fund will directly support groups and organisations who want to drive positive local change. The deadline for applications is 23 December.


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