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Painting for complete beginners

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With June Palmer. Art practice and art appreciation for complete beginners.

Learn and develop painting skills using line, edges, tone, texture and colour to complete exercises and finished art works. Use water based paints (acrylic and watercolour) and a variety of media such as pencils, charcoal and pens to develop skills and techniques.

In this beginners class we will look at the work of other artists to stimulate ideas and develop our own art appreciation and practice. This will be a foundation class to introduce the basics of painting with water based paints and will provide a sound starting point for individual development.

Elements of this course will include:

  • Specific painting activities to introduce the basics.
  • A comparison of techniques for different media.
  • Colour theory and mixing paints.
  • An introduction to the work of other artists both historical and contemporary.
  • Structured session guides.
  • A range of media used.

Sessions will include:

  • Topics taught using online documents and resources.
  • Each topic will be followed by a class assignment.
  • Every week a live class discussion and feedback will take place to discuss topics and assignments, with opportunity for questions and answers. This will take place via Google Classroom's Stream facility.
  • Specific tutor feedback will be provided on individual learners' assignments via Google classroom.

Duration: 10 weeks.

Learning format: Online.

Course code: A092147.JPA.

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