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Proclaiming King Charles in Swansea and Port Talbot

The proclamation of the new sovereign is a solemn ceremony. In the days before mass media it was an important means for people to hear the news, pay their respects to the dead and publicly pledge allegiance to their new king or queen.

2 Proclamation Ceremony Guildhall Swansea

Charles was proclaimed King in London on 10 September 2022. This was followed the next day by proclamations at a local level. In front of town halls and civic buildings across the country, the same proclamation was made. These were solemn civic occasions, paying respect to the departed Queen as well as proclaiming the new King.

Here, the Lord Lieutenant led ceremonies at the Guildhall in Swansea and the Civic Centre in Port Talbot, where the official proclamation was read in Welsh and English. The two films below record the local ceremonies for posterity.




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Last modified on 28 April 2023