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A look back to the King's first official visit to West Glamorgan

One hot summer's day in July 1969, the new Prince of Wales announced to Swansea that it was to become a city.

Charles' visit to Swansea

After his investiture as Prince of Wales in Caernarfon on 1 July 1969, Charles began a tour of Wales. Two days later, he arrived in Swansea, where crowds had turned out to see their prince. Standing on the Guildhall steps, he announced that Swansea was to become a city:

"Thank you very much indeed for a very kind welcome. I apologise for keeping you all waiting. I see not too many people have fainted though. (laughter) The Queen has asked me to tell you that it is her intention to declare Swansea a City (cheering and applause). I'm so glad you approve!"

Later in the year the charter was ready and on 15 December he returned to Swansea. He greeted the crowds who had come to see him and at a ceremony in the Guildhall council chamber, he presented the charter to the Mayor. 

"It is a great pleasure, of course, for me to be here again, a second time in one year. I must say, I didn't think I was going to be here again, but matters proved otherwise. But while I am here, I would like to take the opportunity of wishing Swansea all the very best as a new city" (applause)

This was the first of many visits to this area. Here are two more in 1977. 




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Last modified on 28 April 2023