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How we celebrated the coronation in times gone by

Traditionally, every coronation is an occasion for celebration. In the towns and villages, people came together to eat, drink and celebrate their new king or queen. Here are examples of how this was done in Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot.


4 Tonna street party alternative 2
4 Coronation street party in Penlan ALTERNATIVE 2
Coronation street parties for George VI in 1937 in Tonna and for Elizabeth II in 1953 in Penlan.


4 Waunarlwydd


4 DD PS 3-3-1 shop in Port Talbot 2
4 DD YHS 2-58 chaps in Ystradgynlais

Hancorn's shop in Port Talbot and colliers in Ystradgynlais put up decorations to celebrate the coronation of George V in 1911.


4 Edward VII Ticket alternative 2
4 Elizabeth II ticket alternative 2


4 Newspapers William IV alternative
In 1831, to mark the coronation of William IV, the town of Aberavon was illuminated and the people celebrated with a party. In Swansea, there was feasting and fireworks.


4 Newspapers George IV alternative
At the coronation of George IV in 1821, formal banquets were held in Neath and Swansea. The bells were rung in Neath and canons were fired, while the town and Gnoll Castle were illuminated. In Swansea the town was lit up with a firework display.


4 B-S Corp D 2 bells rung for proclamation of Charles II 1625
The bells rang out in Swansea in 1625 to mark the coronation of Charles I. 

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Last modified on 28 April 2023