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Swansea apps

The council has an app to help you communicate with your local school.

Swansea Schools app

This app helps families keep in touch with news, events and photos at their child's school. Parents can stay up to date with inset days, school trips and school fun days - the information available on the app depends on what the school has provided.

The Swansea Schools app can also be downloaded free from Google Play storeOpens new window for Android phones or in the iTunes app storeOpens new window for iPhones and iPads. 

The Android version is available in Welsh, but unfortunately there has been a problem with the Welsh version for iPhone which requires the app to be rebuilt.

This is Gower app

Smartphone users planning a trip around Swansea's Gower can download a special walking app that guides them around the stunning location. Worms Head, Three Cliffs Bay and other popular locations all feature in the 'This is Gower' app which provides easy-to-follow information on 15 walking trails around the peninsula.

Using GPS, the app will also trigger audio clips and images of interesting sites when the app-user approaches them.

The innovative new app is one of a number of projects being delivered by the Gower Landscape Partnership. It can be downloaded for free from either the iTunes app store or the Google Play android app store.

The partnership was set up in 2013 and has been awarded almost £2 million over a four year period to develop a variety of projects that all help to preserve and make the most of what Gower has to offer.

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