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Apply for a licence to keep a zoo

Use our online form to apply for a licence to keep wild animals for public exhibition.

You must submit your fee with the application.  You will be asked to pay a further fee to cover the vets visit once that has taken place.

  1. Zoo Licensing Act 1981

    Application form for a Zoo licence

    This form should not be submitted to the local authority until at least two months after submission of the notice of intention of publication of that intention in one national and one local newspaper and of exhibition of a copy of the notice at the site of the proposed zoo.

    Fields marked * are required.
  2. I/we
    1. of
    2. (your address)
    3. in accordance with and following publication of the Notice of Intention
      1. hereby apply to The City and County of Swansea for a licence to operate the zoo referred to in that notice.
  3. 2. Changes to Notice of Intention
    1. Please provide details of any significant changes in the information supplied in the Notice of Intention to apply for a licence to the proposed zoo.
  4. 3. Additional matters
    1. Please provide details of any other matters (if any) which you would now like to bring to the attention of the City and County of Swansea.
  5. Fees
    1. Zoo fees

      Zoos where there is a dispensation granted by the Secretary of State (applies to small zoos or zoos where only a small number of different animals are kept) - £891.00

      Zoos that do not have a dispensation - £3056.00

      All fees are excluding Vet fees. Fees for the Vet will be invoiced where applicable.
    2. Please select *
  6. 4. Declaration
    1. I declare my answers to the above questions to be correct in every respect.
  7. Did you fill this form in yourself?
  8. Label
    1. IMPORTANT: When you click 'submit' you will be taken to our payment system.

      Please ensure that you fully complete your bank details and progress to the confirmation of payment, or your payment will not be processed.
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