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Apply for a performing animals licence

Use our online form to apply for a licence to exhibit, use or train performing animals.

You must complete the application form in full.  You will need to pay the application fee when you submit your form.  There will be a fee to pay for the vets visit once this has been done.

  1. Performing Animals (Regulation) Act 1925

    Application for a licence to train and exhibit Performing Animals

    Performing Animals licence fee is £182

    Fields marked * are required
  2. 1. Applicant details
    1. Residential address
      1. Address of fixed place of residence in Great Britain OR permanent postal address in Great Britain from which letters will be forwarded.
  3. Training address
    1. Address or addresses in Great Britain, other than temporary address while on tour, at which applicant trains or intends to train performing animals.
  4. 2. Previous registration details
    1. Have you previously been registered under this Act? *
    2. If yes, please state:
  5. 3. Animal details
    1. Kinds of animals proposed to be:
    2. Type of animal
      1. Number of this type of animal that will be:
    3. Type of animal
      1. Number of this type of animal that will be:
    4. Type of animal
      1. Number of this type of animal that will be:
    5. Type of animal
      1. Number of this type of animal that will be:
    6. More animal details
      1. Use this space if you need to provide details of animals not already mentioned above.
  6. Nature of performance
    1. Describe briefly the general nature of the performance or performances in which the animals are to be exhibited or for which they are to be trained, mentioning any apparatus which is used for the purpose of the performance/exhibition.
    2. Approximate duration of the performance
    3. Number of times performance will usually be given in one day
  7. 4. The applicant is required to answer 'yes' or 'no' to the following questions
    1. Are you, or any person who will have control or management of the performing animals and any related establishments, disqualified for the time being from:
    2. Keeping a riding establishment? *
    3. Keeping a dog? *
    4. Keeping a pet shop? *
    5. Having custody of animals? *
    6. Keeping a boarding establishment? *
    7. Keeping dangerous wild animals? *
    8. Keeping a dog breeding establishment? *
  8. What is the name and address of your usual veterinary surgeon / practitioner?
  9. Declaration
    1. I declare my answers to the above questions to be correct in every respect.
  10. Did you fill this form in yourself?
  11. Label
    1. IMPORTANT: When you click 'submit' you will be taken to our payment system.

      Please ensure that you fully complete your bank details and progress to the confirmation of payment, or your payment will not be processed.
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