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Bank holiday information - May

Bank holiday information for our services, including opening times and emergency contacts. All recycling collections will take place on the usual days.

Animal licences

We issue licences for businesses where animals are kept or cared for.

Animal boarding

If you want to run an animal boarding establishment including a day care animal service for cats or dogs you will need a licence. You will also need a licence to run a home boarding or dog sitting business from your own home.

Dangerous wild animals

If you keep an animal that is classed as dangerous, wild or exotic you will need a licence. This also includes some hybrid or cross-bred animals depending on how far removed the animal is from its wild ancestor.If you keep a dangerous wild animal you will need a licence.

Dog breeders

If you breed dogs and then sell the puppies you are running a dog breeding business. If you are already breeding or plan to in the future you will need a licence from us.

Performing Animals

If you exhibit, use or train performing animals you need to register with us. This includes the use of animals in stage performances, at circuses and as part of an exhibition.

Pet shops

To run a business selling pet animals you need a licence from us. This includes selling animals in a pet shop and over the internet.

Riding establishments

Stables which hire out horses or ponies for riding or instruction must be licensed by us. You will also be inspected yearly by an officer and a vet.


If you keep wild animals for public exhibition you will need a zoo licence. Before applying for the licence you need to give notice that you intend to apply.

Animal licences fees

Details of the fees for animal licences.

Animal welfare concerns at licensed premises

If you are concerned about the practices of a licensed animal business or the conditions that the animals are being kept in.
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