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If you have an intruder alarm, it can be set off accidentally. If this happens when you are out, you risk annoying your neighbours and paying the price if it has to be silenced by noise control officers.

Allowing your house or car alarm to ring for over 20 minutes or on a frequent basis can be a statutory nuisance. We can serve you with a notice to turn off the alarm system.  

If the person responsible cannot be found we will get a warrant from a magistrate and either disconnect the alarm from the alarm box outside or use a locksmith and break into the house and disconnect from the central control box. The property is then secured after leaving the premises.  The person responsible for the alarm will be charged for the contractor to disconnect the alarm or the locksmith as well as the officer's time.

What can you do if an alarm is ringing near you?

  • ring the police. They will deal with the alarm if the building or car has been broken into.
  • if an alarm is ringing and causing you a nuisance find out where the noise is coming from. 
  • note the address and any details written on the alarm box such as installers name and phone number.
  • ask the neighbours if they know where the occupiers are or anyone who has a key.
  • to report an alarm to the council ring 01792 635600. Outside office hours contact us on 01792 636595. It may take a couple of hours for us to turn the alarm off.  

If you look after your alarm and fix any faults quickly then it is less likely to go off by accident. You can also fit a cut out device which turns off the audible alarm after 20 minutes. Consider a maintenance agreement for your alarm with a company who will come out and fix the alarm should it ring accidentally. When you use the alarm make sure it is set properly and that all doors and windows are closed.

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