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Promoting affordable credit draft strategy: have your say

We want to change how we work when we realise that someone has money worries, even if they don't actually say so, and provide support to those people.

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Anyone can fall into financial difficulty, and an individual's money problems don't just affect them. Our local community thrives when people can afford healthy lives, support the local economy and avoid the stress of money worries. We want everyone who represents the council to understand this, and to know how to ensure people with money worries can get free, independent help if they want it.

There are very expensive ways of borrowing money. Some shops sell things with easy repayment plans, but the total cost is very high. Some lenders will come to your home to take repayments in cash, but again, the cost of these loans is very high. High costs take money out of people's pockets. So instead we want to make sure people know about better ways to borrow money, also known as affordable credit options, if that's what they need.

This policy should help Swansea Council staff to make sure such options are promoted within Swansea, so we would like you to let us know whether you feel clear about what it aims to do.

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Your views are very important to us, so please spare a few minutes to complete this questionnaire.

This survey will close at midnight on 23 May 2021

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