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Armed Forces Community Covenant

The purpose of the Community Covenant is to encourage local communities to support the Service community in their area and nurture understanding and awareness amongst the public of the issues affecting the Armed Forces community.

For Swansea Council and partner organisations, the Community Covenant presents an opportunity to bring their knowledge, experience and expertise to bear on the provision of help and advice to members of the Armed Forces Community. It also presents an opportunity to build upon existing good work on other initiatives such as the Welfare Pathway.

How can I find the help I need?

There are a wide range of services specifically designed for the armed forces community available from local government, Ministry of Defence and third sector organisations but It can often be difficult to find the best organisations to help.

To make things easier and more user friendly for you, use our Armed Forces service library to find the organisations nationally and locally who will be able to assist and provide advice on such topics as education, benefits, care support, careers, financial support, pensions, loans and general welfare. Email and website addresses are available at a click of a button.

Key contacts

For those of you who require details of Armed forces contacts and local schools, dental surgeries, Libraries, pharmacies etc. within the city and county of Swansea and neighbouring areas, use our key contacts page.

The Community Covenant Grant Scheme

The Community Covenant Grant Scheme delivers financial support to projects at the local level, which strengthen the ties or the mutual understanding between members of the Armed Forces Community and the wider community in which they live.

For further information go to: The Armed Forces Community Covenant grant scheme: how to apply.


Speak to one of our knowledgeable staff within the council who can deal with all of your enquires, telephone: 01792 636000.

Armed Forces service library

Find advice, groups and opportunities.

Key contacts for armed forces

Organisations and charities that can provide useful information.

The Armed Forces Community Covenant grant scheme: how to apply

The Armed Forces Community Covenant Scheme is open for applications on a rolling basis, the programme is administered by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust.

Swansea Armed Forces Veterans Fund 2023/24

Funding has become available for Swansea from the budget of Cllr Rob Stewart, the Leader of the Council to support veterans.

Defence Discount Service

Supporting the UK's Armed Forces, Veterans and Armed Forces Community.