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Adult Social Care: how we can help

Information about what happens when you contact Adult Services in Swansea

The Local Authority and Social Services are working with people to improve their well-being. We want to assist people when they are worried about their own or someone else's well-being or they wish to share a concern.

Information, Advice and Assistance

When someone first contacts us, one of our trained staff will ask a number of questions to find out more about that person's situation - or that of the person they are calling about - and what kind of support would be most helpful. 

Our starting point is to give people enough information to meet their own personal requirements, and to make their own care and support plans.  Throughout our web pages there are also links to organisations that provide advice and support.

Many people's social care needs can be met by services and activities that are provided in the local community.  We aim to tell people about what help is available locally, in their own communities.

We aim to provide information that is easy to understand and to access.


As well as making Information, Advice and Assistance available to the citizens of Swansea to help promote their well-being, Social Services must offer an assessment if we know or think someone needs care and support, or a carer needs support.

An assessment can help to see if a person has care and support needs, and to work out if they are eligible for help from Social Services.

We may also carry out an assessment if we think a person is at risk of harm, abuse or neglect.

When carrying out an assessment, we will talk to you and your family about what matters most in improving your life and your well-being.  As well as talking about the difficulties you're experiencing, it's important that we find out about your strengths and capabilities and what is working well in your life.

We can then help you to work out what outcome you are hoping to achieve from our help, and if appropriate agree a care and support plan that can best meet your well-being needs.

Some services provided may be subject to a charge, or the Council may ask people to pay towards their care and support. There are national regulations about who has to pay, the most a council can charge and the circumstances when the Council cannot charge for services it provides. So before providing certain services we would need to carry out a financial assessment to find out how much money a person has as income or savings in order to make a fair decision on how much that person should have to pay.  We will notify you about any charges before we start providing a service.

Often the care and support we provide will only be required for a short time until the person we're supporting builds the confidence and skills to manage on their own or with the help of others. 

How to ask about an assessment

To ask about an assessment for an older adult, an adult with a physical disability or a carer contact:

Common Access Point for Health and Social Care on 01792 636519

or complete the Adult Services: Online Referral Form

For an assessment for an adult with a sensory loss contact the Sensory Services Team on 01792 315969.

For an assessment for an adult with a learning disability contact the Community Support Team on 01792 614100.

For an assessment for an adult with mental health difficulties contact the Community Mental Health Team for the area of Swansea in which you live.

Our factsheet Social Services: Care and Support Assessments for Adults has more detailed information about assessments.

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