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Adopt a flower bed

Adopt a beautiful flower bed in Swansea's prestigious and stunning gardens.

Flowers, shrubs and plants play an important part in enhancing and brightening our city environment, whether they are in our parks and open spaces or on our streets.

Swansea Council's 3 year 'adopt a flower bed' scheme is a great way to support and appreciate our Swansea Park gardens in which many people enjoy time with their families, and gives residents and visitors a place to appreciate whatever the season. This scheme offers the opportunity for companies, organisations or individuals to adopt a flower bed and increase awareness of the company or organisation, or to commemorate a loved one and to have a personal and tangible place in one of our beautiful Swansea gardens.

We have flower beds across a number of our parks around the city which are maintained full time by our Parks Team.

People, businesses and community groups are being offered the opportunity to adopt a flower bed within 2 of our most prestigious and popular parks in the city. The flower beds in Victoria Park, Swansea's oldest park, displays an amazing array of rose gardens and radiant shrubs and plants. Whilst our Botanical gardens reveal its unique blooms and plants in Singleton Park.

Any business, organisation, or individual adopting a flower bed will receive a 'in keeping' wooden frame, with a stainless steel engraved plaque in their chosen flower bed in recognition of their contribution and support to the environment as well as making Swansea a vibrant and colourful city and a great place to live.

Only Victoria Park and the Singleton Botanical Gardens flower beds are under this scheme.

How to apply

Once you have decided which location you desire, you have read the terms and conditions, and that you wish to proceed with the adoption of a flower bed, please complete the online form.

Apply online to adopt a flower bed Adopt a flower bed - apply online

Adopt a flower bed - apply online

You can apply online to adopt a flower bed.

Adopt a flower bed - terms and conditions

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions.
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