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Adopt a bench - terms and conditions

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions.

Donated seat scheme

We can provide sturdy traditional, all wood or modern recycled plastic seats with your personal message attached on a plaque.

The seat price provided includes:

  • Supply and delivery
  • Suitable base
  • Installation
  • Plaque

Plaques and engraving

There are three main types of plaque which can be fitted and are 55mm high and a length to fit on the top back rail.

  • Stainless steel
  • Brass (brass plaques will tarnish with time).
  • Plastic (plastic plaques are an all weather alternative, with black lettering on a bronze coloured background).
  • Inscription in top slat (Brompton and Grafton seats only).

Bases and pads

The positioning of the seat will be dependent upon the base on which the seat is to be secured, this applies to Grafton and Recycled plastic seats only, which will be secured either on a concrete base or a concrete pad under each of the two upright supports.

The costs of the installation and future maintenance of the seat will be met by Swansea Council.

Seat costs

Supply and install new seat with plaque at £1800.00 for private purchases, and £2160 for businesses /  organisations.

Supply and install memorial plaque to existing seat £1200.00 for private purchases, and £1440.00 for business / organisations.

Terms and conditions

Whilst the council will try and accommodate the applicants preference for the type of seat and its location, the council reserves the right to refuse an application if the seat does not match with the in keeping of the surrounding seats and / or the preferred location is unsuitable.

The cost per seat will be subject to change should there be a request to locate a seat in a location whereas access is restricted which prevents vehicle access resulting in additional costs being incurred by the council.

The donated seat scheme is only available for the donation of seats on land owned by Swansea Council's Culture and Tourism department and should a request for a seat be required on land under ownership of another council department, we would have to obtain permission from the relevant department prior to accepting the donor's application.

Where a donor wishes to contribute a seat, it will be offered on the basis that there is a vacant site available within that area. Unfortunately we are unable to install additional donated seats to areas that have an over provision of seating and if so the donor will be offered a choice from another available site or an alternative.

Once the seat has been installed it becomes the property of the council, who takes liability and responsibility for all maintenance requirements for a ten year period, after which it will be reviewed at the discretion of the council. No maintenance of any kind should be undertaken by the donor, their family or their representative.

The council will maintain donated benches and plaques on a request basis.

Applicants are advised to keep the council informed of any change of address during the term of dedication.

The applicant is advised to meet on site with the relevant Parks Officer to confirm the preferred location of the donated seat prior to submission of the application.

All seats to be located in Parks and Open Spaces shall be fixed securely on a suitable base to suit the location of the seat using an approved method, however the council cannot take responsibility for malicious damage, stolen seats, or damage through acts of nature.

In the unlikely event that the dedication plaque is damaged or stolen within twelve months of installation then this shall be replaced at the council's expense. If a bench is damaged beyond repair however, the council will remove it and inform you of this. A replacement bench will be the standard charge applicable at this time.

The acceptance by the council of this application does not confer any property rights or privileges.

The manager reserves the right to vary or refuse an unsuitable inscription.

Swansea Council will not allow the scattering of cremated remains.

The council has no commitment to accept any application for a donated seat and hopes that applicants will understand that the number and style of seats is a major consideration if the council is to keep public open spaces looking attractive and uncluttered.

No adornments, for example, flowers, at any time shall be attached or deposited on or near the seat or surrounding area.

Installation of seats will be carried out during the months of October to March and when suitable ground and weather conditions allow.

All applications received to purchase seats will be added to the register and will be installed in order of date of application.

The adoption period is 10 years - after the 10 year period has elapsed the council will attempt to contact the client in writing to advise the period has elapsed and offer options. If the council does not receive a response from the client within 28 calendar days, it reserves the right to remove or replace the bench or offer the site for a new client adoption.

Delivery and installation can take up to sixteen weeks following receipt of order during the installation period.

The council reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions when necessary.