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Adopt a bench

We will install a personalised stainless steel plaque, engraved with the words you want, on the park bench that you choose from the locations available.

Adopt a bench

The City and County of Swansea 'Adopt a Bench' scheme is a great way to support and enjoy our Swansea parks and gardens in which many people enjoy time with their families, and gives residents a place to sit and relax, come rain or shine.

The adoption or donation of a bench is an ideal way to mark an important milestone, event, or to commemorate the life of a loved one or pet.

Our adoption scheme offers the opportunity for businesses, organisations or individuals to donate a new or replacement bench or adopt an existing one and to have a personal and tangible place in one of our beautiful gardens.

The benches can be adopted for 10 years, with a donation for a new bench for £1,800 or £1,200 to adopt an existing bench. In recognition of the contribution, we will install a personalised stainless steel plaque, engraved with the words of your choice on the park bench of the donor's choosing from the locations available. The donation will fund and maintain the bench and the engraved plaque. Installation will usually be carried out during the months of October to March and when suitable ground and weather conditions allow. Please note that the whole process normally takes up to 16 weeks from receipt of order to installation.

Donated seat - site availability

Benches under this scheme can only be donated or adopted on land owned by the City and County of Swansea. Requests for the adoption of an existing bench or donation or a new or replacement bench will be considered in the locations listed below, please specify the desired location at the time of enquiry.

A number of existing benches at the following locations urgently need upgrading and the donation of a new (replacement) bench would greatly improve the area for Swansea's residents and visitors to enjoy:

  • Most of Swansea's parks (excluding Clyne Gardens and Clyne Valley park). A list of all parks can be found here: A-Z parks and nature reserves.
  • Botanical Gardens in Singleton Park.
  • Fendrod Lake.
  • Swansea Promenade between Blackpill and Civic Centre.
  • Oystermouth Castle grounds (existing benches for adoption only).
  • Clyne cycle path (limited locations).
  • Lower Swansea Valley cycle path - Clydach to Swansea (limited locations).

Unfortunately, due to reaching capacity, there is no availability to adopt or donate a bench in the following locations:

  • Clyne Gardens
  • Clyne Valley park
  • Kilvey Hill
  • All cliff paths and bays along Gower coast including: 
    • Rhossili Bay
    • Horton Bay
    • Port Eynon Bay
    • Oxwich Bay
    • Pwll Du Bay
    • Caswell Bay
    • Langland Bay
    • Rotherslade Bay
    • Limeslade Bay
    • Bracelet Bay
    • Mumbles Promenade between Knab Rock and Blackpill
    • Swansea Promenade between Civic Centre and the Maritime Quarter.

Images of the benches that we use are below. Any bench/seat selected will need to be consistent to the area that they are going in to and will be confirmed by parks.

Adopt a memorial bench

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