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Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013

The Active Travel (Wales) Act aims to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in Wales, specifically to promote walking and cycling as viable modes of transport for everyday journeys such as to the shops, work or college.

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It places a legal duty upon local authorities in Wales to map, plan for and promote active travel journeys.

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As part of the act we are required to produce two maps:

  • The Existing Route Map (approved by the Welsh Government in August 2016)
    This map sets out the existing infrastructure for walking and cycling within the areas covered by the Active Travel Act.
    Existing route map (approved 2016) [1MB]
  • The Integrated Network Map (approved by the Welsh Government in February 2018)
    This map show the routes which we intend to deliver over the next fifteen years (up to 2033). 
    Integrated network map (approved 2018) [1MB]

The Existing Route Map and Integrated Network Map will be reviewed and updated periodically as part of requirements of the act.

We also prepare annual reports which are submitted to the Welsh Government to monitor the costs and use of Active Travel within the City and County of Swansea. These reports can also be found in the downloads section below.