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What and when we collect - student recycling and waste

Find out what you can put out on the kerbside and when it will be picked up.

What do we collect?

Most of the waste you create at home can be recycled. Paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and glass, food waste and garden waste can all be collected from the kerbside. We also collect non-recyclable waste in black bags. Download our  PDF Document student recycling guide (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window to save or print as a handy reminder.

Green bag collection

Pink bag collection

Food waste collection - We will provide a small caddy plus liners for you to keep in your kitchen and a larger bin with a lockable lid for outside storage and to place out on collection day. Do not place any food waste into your black bags. This will cause your bags to smell and attract pests like seagulls that will tear them open causing a mess on your street - not a great way to impress the neighbours!

Black bag collection - Keep it to 3 - we will collect a maximum of 3 black bags from each property per fortnight. Black bags are for non-recyclable waste only such as soft plastics, crisp packets, used tissues and polystyrene. Making full use of the kerbside recycling service will allow you to keep the number of black bags produced down. If you live in a household with a large number of people eg over 6, and are finding it difficult to keep to this limit due to the amount of waste produced then you can contact us to enquire about getting an exemption which will allow you to place out extra bags.

Collection days

In Swansea collections are split into green and pink/black weeks with different bags collected on a fortnightly basis.

Food waste is collected weekly.

If you live in a flat which has large wheeled bins for your recycling and black bags then you don't need to worry about the collection days.

If you live in Brynmill, Uplands, Mount Pleasant or Sandfields your collection day is Wednesday. You can find a collection schedule for your area in our PDF Document student recycling guide (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window.

If you live in a different area use our recycling and rubbish collections search to find out when your collections are and download a collection schedule.

Recycling and rubbish containers should only be placed out for collection after 7.00pm the evening before or before 7.00am on the day of collection.

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