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Hopes for Gower sinkhole to be repaired quickly

Efforts to repair a popular road through Gower are continuing so it can be reopened quickly.

gower sinkhole

Swansea Council recently closed a section of the A4118 between Penmaen and the turn-off to Oxwich after discovering part of the road surface had subsided.

Contractors and specialist geotechnical consultants have been on site since, investigating the possible causes of the road defect.

Early fears that voids deep in the ground indicated by boreholes were the cause of the problem have all but disappeared after further investigations and excavation by the team have suggested the current problem has been caused by water draining into the ground much nearer the road surface and have led to smaller voids being created.

Work is now underway to deal with the smaller voids and reinstate the road surface with hopes the repair will be completed in a matter of weeks.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Management, said: "The results of our investigations have given us some relief in that the problem is not as serious as initially thought.

"We've established that water which is draining into the road during heavy periods of rainfall has created some small voids quite near the surface of the road.

"While there are voids much deeper in the ground nearby, we have established that these are not having any impact on the structural integrity of the road so it means we can get on and complete the repairs much more quickly.

"It's good news for us but still means the road will be closed for a few more weeks while we complete the repairs. This has been necessary to ensure the safety of motorists and to allow the investigations to also be carried out safely.

"I'm grateful for the patience locals have shown while we carry out this work and want to reassure them that we are doing all we can to get the road reopened."

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