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Panel members keen to hear residents' views on disturbance

On Monday local residents in Mayhill and Waun Wen will have their first chance to speak to members of an independent joint review panel looking at a disturbance in the community earlier this year.

Mayhill Community Centre

Mayhill Community Centre

It is being chaired by a QC, Prof Elwen Evans, alongside vice-chairs police expert Martin Jones and local government expert Jack Straw.

All three will be at Mayhill Community Centre between 10am and 2pm and between 3pm and 7pm on Monday to listen to the thoughts and views of residents on events leading up to and following May 20.

It will be by appointment and residents can book these by emailing or by phoning either 01792 635412 or 07796 275137.

Anyone who would like to speak to a member of panel but who cannot attend on the day can register for future arrangements to be made.

Also during the same times there will be familiar faces to local residents who live and work in Mayhill and Waun Wen providing services to the community, who residents can talk to or find out about local services.

Incidents like May's disturbance are exceptionally rare in Swansea and residents, community leaders and the authorities came together to provide assistance to the close-knit community and provide a range of immediate support to those affected.

The aim of the independent joint learning review is to find out more about the background to the disturbance and to learn lessons for the future.

A youth panel was recently held in Mayhill for young people and their thoughts are also being fed back.

The review is supported by the Welsh Government, which has welcomed the local leadership shown by the Swansea Council and South Wales Police.

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