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Mayhill engagement period - responses to frequently asked questions

Will there be sufficient parking for everyone visiting the new centre?

As part of the formal planning application for the new facility the developer is required to carry out a traffic assessment and travel plan which identifies how everyone gets to the existing building and how they will get to the new centre. During the initial concept design stage CCoS parking standards have been considered and sufficient car parking for all users will be incorporated within the boundary of the new facility. 

Where will the building be located?

We have looked at a number of possible sites and as a result, our proposal is to breathe new life into the areas of open space, using part of the area known locally as Mayhill Park. The site has been carefully chosen for its location, size and accessibility. It is easy to find, and is on a main road with a bus stop close to the site. By building the new centre here, it gives us the chance to make the site a real asset to the local community and less likely to attract anti-social behaviour and flytipping.

Will there be enough of the park still available for children to play on? 

It is the intention to build the new facility only on part of the park allowing the area to the west surrounding the games area freely accessible, providing sufficient green space for children to play safely.

Will the building be easier for the public to access? 

A design & access statement is to be produced as part of the planning submission. This demonstrates how the facility will comply to legislative requirements and how the new building will provide suitable access and accommodation features for people wishing to use the centre who may have a disability.

Next Steps 

Once a planning application has been formally submitted to City & County of Swansea planning department , the general public will have further opportunity to comment on the proposal during the statutory 12 week consultation period.

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