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Swansea Local Development Plan 2023-2038 (LDP2)

Work is underway in preparing a new development plan for Swansea. Once adopted LDP2 will replace the existing Local Development Plan and will provide the new planning blueprint for future development across Swansea up to 2038.

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The new plan will set out how and where development should come forward to match identified growth ambitions. It will aim to ensure the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities and the local economy, and that adequate protection is given to our natural environment.

The plan will set out the numbers of new homes and jobs we need to plan for, and will identify the locations in Swansea where new housing and employment sites will be. It will also provide a framework to secure affordable housing and new infrastructure through the development process, including new schools, play areas, cycle paths and even green infrastructure.

Once finalised and agreed, all future planning applications for proposed development in Swansea will be decided based on what is in LDP2.

Latest updates

An important early stage in the preparation of LDP2 is to decide on the key issues, overall vision and main objectives that combine to set the foundation for the Plan Strategy and eventually our locally specific policies.  Alongside this, we also need to consider different scenarios regarding the scale and type of growth that Swansea should plan for, based on the evidence available on things like future changes in population and what the future economy will look like. This includes ideas around how future growth could be spread across the County and where development should be focussed.

Consultation is underway on the draft key issues, vision, and objectives, and also on the various options for growth for LDP2. Stakeholders and all interested parties are encouraged to feed into this consultation, which has been extended to run until 14 June, 2024.

Visit the LDP2 virtual exhibition room where you can view the consultation material in the comfort of your home and have your say. You can also do this via the consultation portal where you can also register your details for future consultations.

Local Development Plan review report

To make sure that Local Development Plans (LDPs) remain up to date, councils are required to review their plans at least once every four years.

Delivery agreement

The delivery agreement is the first key stage in the preparation of the Swansea Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2).

Candidate sites

A candidate site is a defined area of land submitted to the Council by an interested party for potential inclusion in the Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2).

Vision, objectives and options for growth

Identifying the key issues , opportunities and challenges facing Swansea, and defining a vision, objectives and options for growth will set the strategic agenda for LDP2.

Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment

The LDP2 will be informed by Integrated Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) to ensure the social, economic and environmental effects of the LDP2 are assessed.

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