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Local development plan (LDP)

Latest Update - The LDP Examination Inspectors' Final Report is now published and the Swansea LDP will now move forward for formal adoption.

The Inspectors' Final Report on the Examination into the Swansea LDP 2010 - 2025 has now been published and can be viewed via the download section below. The Inspectors' Report concludes that, subject to implementation of the binding changes set out within it, the Swansea LDP satisfies the requirements of the relevant legislation and meets the necessary 'tests of soundness'.  The Inspectors have confirmed that the Council has provided sufficient evidence to support the Plan, and that they consider the LDP policies and proposals will realistically be delivered. The binding changes are broadly consistent with those set out in the schedule of Matters Arising Changes to the Deposit Plan that arose out of the Examination process, which were subject to public consultation at the end of 2018.   The full extent of these changes are highlighted in the Inspectors Report.

The Swansea LDP, as amended by the binding changes set out in the Inspectors Report will now move forward to formal Plan adoption stage. These matters are scheduled to be discussed at a public meeting of full Council on the 28th February 2019.

The Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP)

The Deposit LDP was published for consultation between 18 July - 31 August 2016. View the Deposit Plan and consultation representations and the Council's response.

The LDP Examination

Current position on Swansea LDP Examination.

Pre-deposit LDP stages

The stages of plan preparation which informed the Deposit Plan.

LDP Delivery Agreement

The delivery agreement is the first stage of the LDP preparation process and sets out how the process is to be managed, a timetable for delivery and the Council's policies for involving the community.

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