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Kingsway scheme: Benefits for road users and pedestrians

A range of motoring, pedestrian safety and public transport benefits being delivered by Swansea's Kingsway transformation is published today.


A public notice in the South Wales Evening Post explains how road users will be able to park, wait, load and unload on streets around The Kingsway.

It also shows where the pedestrian crossings will be. FAQs 

The notice is the latest high-profile update on the £12m regeneration scheme that will see the Kingsway and Orchard Street become more people-friendly and new traffic flows become more convenient for road users.

The changes will see the Kingsway, Orchard Street, Christina Street, Mansel Street and Alexandra Road become two-way. The Kingsway, Orchard Street and West Way will have 20mph speed limits - as they do now. Work is continuing as the council finalises details of a contract with a business to complete the project following this year's demise of Dawnus Construction.

The main change to traffic flow will allow motorists heading towards Uplands to use Alexandra Road and bypass Orchard Street and The Kingsway. This will improve city centre air quality and reduce congestion. Road widths on Orchard Street, The Kingsway and Dillwyn Street are designed for two lanes of traffic and to help keep traffic speeds to a maximum 20mph.

Mark Thomas, Swansea Council's cabinet member for environment and infrastructure management, said: "The Kingsway transformation will help the city centre become a better place in which to walk, cycle, drive, spend quality time, to live and to do business.

"As traffic directions are changing we've taken a close look at the way road users can park, wait, load and unload, pedestrians stay safe and public transport can operate.

"We consulted extensively with business and residents before drawing up these plans. As a result we've made provision for business, public transport, road users and pedestrians. We're now listening to peoples' views on the plans.

"The changes - once public feedback has been taken into account - will take effect as the project is completed, early next year. They're all about giving everybody the opportunity to make the best use possible of the city centre; we've made provision for the widest possible range of users.

"We want to keep the Kingsway itself as free-running and accessible as possible so there is plenty of on-street parking and waiting on neighbouring streets. Existing car parks will remain nearby.

"It's a plan that will keep people safe, traffic moving, shoppers moving swiftly in and out of roadside parking spaces.

"The new system will standardise parking periods across the city and provide some more free evening parking spaces."

Full plans can be seen in the Civic Centre; diagrams can be seen on city centre hoardings and on Kingsway information boards.

Improvements are set to include:

  • Short-stay parking - spaces will be available at on-street at locations along Mansel Street, Christina Street, De-La-Beche Street, Pell Street, Cradock St, Orchard Street and Alexandra Road.
  • There'll be a number of options allowing those with a disability to access The Kingsway and to park on its neighbouring streets.
  • There will be a number of loading bays available. They will include those on The Kingsway, Mansel Street, Orchard Street, Pleasant Street, Richards Place, Horton Street, Park Street, Cradock Street, Northampton Lane, De-La-Beche Street and outside the Dragon Hotel.
  • There will be new zebra crossings on Dillwyn Street and The Kingsway; two pedestrian/cycle crossings on The Kingsway; puffin crossings on Orchard Street, De La Beche Street and Alexandra Road - and new pedestrian crossing facilities on Mansel Street.
  • There will be bus stops on inbound and outbound lanes in Orchard Street, The Kingsway and Christina Street.
  • Private hire coaches will pick up and drop off near the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Alexandra Road.
  • Essential services such as police, ambulance and doctors have dedicated waiting spaces.

Image: How the new-look Kingsway will look.


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