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Stories of Gower

Explore the stories and history of Gower - a land apart.

The Vile, Gower

Gower has an ancient history, with echoes reaching back to the end of the last Ice Age, and the return of early humans to Gower.

Farming arrived here about 4,000 years ago, with the Romans coming and going, a Welsh culture, and a Norman Invasion in the Twelfth Century all shaping "a land apart".

Gower people made a living from the land and the sea - taking advantage of the resources and opportunities that came their way.

The landscape has inspired and excited scientists, artists and thrill-seekers over the years - and still does!

A neighbouring Viking trading settlement grew to become the Copper Capital of the world during the Industrial Revolution - Swansea remains Wales second city, a busy, vibrant, multicultural, modern city with a stunning sandy bay.

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