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Art gallery kept in prime condition through pandemic

Swansea's nationally acclaimed Glynn Vivian Art Gallery is in good hands during the pandemic.


The city centre attraction, managed bySwansea Council, is being kept in prime condition thanks to ongoing work by gallery staff.

Although the gallery, in a spectacular listed building, is temporarily closed in line with government restrictions it will be ready to reopen when it is safe to do so.

Curator Karen MacKinnon said: "We're keeping the Glynn Vivian in excellent condition in readiness for the future when it's safe to reopen to the public.

"We've been paying careful attention to cleanliness, the fabric of the building and the gallery's collection itself.

"Our staff on site continue to work hard to maintain the gallery, completing safety checks, and ensuring it is secure and operating as it should.

"Although there are no visitors at present, which is strange for a lovely building that's normally open more than 40 hours a week and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year, our staff have been busy online, keeping it in people's minds." 

Robert Francis-Davies, the council's cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: "I applaud the efforts being made to keep the Glynn Vivian and other cultural attractions around the city in prime working order.

"They may be temporarily closed but they'll still be here for Swansea when the country gets through this crisis.

"The Glynn Vivian is a major asset for our city. It's full of creative opportunity and potential, benefiting the arts sector and local people."

The gallery underwent a multi-million pound redevelopment and restoration project and reopened four years ago.

A new state-of-the-art extension links the historic buildings, including the original grade two listed 1911 building, which benefited from complete restoration and improvements to facilities and access.

It is a member of Plus Tate, a UK-wide network of visual arts organisations that exchange ideas and collaborate on joint programmes, and is shortlisted inthe Fantastic for Families Awards 2020 as among the best UK arts destinations that delight families.

Those caring for the Glynn Vivian include ...

Danielle Jenkinson

Gallery assistant Danielle has been part of the Glynn Vivian team carrying out a deep clean of the gallery. They have been dusting, vacuuming and using damp cloths to remove dust and dirt from every surface. This has involved working up ladders to remove dust from the highest ledges ... and scrubbing floors. The work is essential to maintain the beautiful building and artworks in the gallery's care, and for the safety of visitors when they return.

Alan Moss

Gallery technician Alan has been working with the gallery's collections staff and external contractors to maintain the venue's environmental control. All artworks need a stable environment with the relative humidity and temperature maintained at the required levels to prevent deterioration and decay. Alan has been monitoring the systems that control the environment, and contractors have been carrying out essential maintenance work on air handling units. 

Jenny Williamson

Conservation officer Jenny has been continuing with the gallery's integrated pest management programme. She checks insect traps regularly to monitor if insects are present. Some creatures are dangerous for the collection and, if any are found, action needs to be taken quickly. This is a part of essential housekeeping to keep the building and collections safe and to prevent damage and deterioration.

Photo: Alan Moss monitors systems that control the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery environment. 




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