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Lifelong Learning - ECDL workshop

A 10 week workshop to help students on their journey to achieving their European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) level one or two qualification.

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Flexi and Core 7 qualifications are recognised and respected worldwide. Gaining an ECDL qualification demonstrates skills and ability in commonly used Microsoft and Internet applications. This internationally recognised qualification is an excellent addition when presenting your competence in IT skills and abilities to prospective employers.

Our accreditation options:

  • Flexi or ECDL Essentials (Level 1 units 1, 2 and 7) = three exams in total.
  • Core 7 Full ECDL qualification (all 7 units) = seven exams in total.

These accreditation workshops will support learners who are progressing towards attaining ECDL qualifications, to access module resources and receive support and teaching that will help you pass your exams. In addition to accessing ECDL teaching materials, learners will be able to take mock exams and work with practice documents focused on ECDL course work and module exams.

The seven ECDL units are:

Level 1 
Unit 1: Security for IT users (UK)Understanding the essentials of using a computer safely and securely, protecting own data and that of others.
Unit 2: IT user fundamentalsTeaches basic interaction with computers, productive use and basic computer housekeeping.
Unit 7: Using email and the InternetUsing the Internet and emailing in a safe and secure way. Understanding key terms and the basics of computer security.
Level 2 
Unit 3: Word processingUsing a range of basic word processing tools and techniques to produce suitable and straightforward documents.
Unit 4: Spreadsheet softwareUnderstanding and using a range of basic spreadsheet tools and techniques to produce spreadsheets.
Unit 5: Database softwareBasic database software tools, to enable learners to enter information, set up single tables and extract information by running database queries.
Unit 6: Presentation softwareUsing basic presentations software tools. Learners will create text and/or diagram based slide shows or lecture notes.

ECDL exams are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Each student has three years to pass all of the units within their chosen qualification, from the date they pass their first exam. Students will need to have registered for their ECDL qualification to attend our workshops and can register at the time of enrolment. Exams can be re-taken up to three times at the regular exam cost. Each unit has a mock/diagnostic exam available, which students can take to practice for their actual exam.

Suitable for: The course is suitable for students who are comfortable in basic IT and accessing the Internet, and are able to commit time to study and preparation outside of the workshop lesson time.

What you will need

Computers will be available for this course. All resources for printing will also be provided. A memory stick is required and a notebook and pen will be helpful for recording notes.

How much will it cost?

All students will need to register for their qualification. Students can re-enrol onto additional 10 week workshops as required. Our costs are:

  • Registration for your ECDL qualification will cost a one off fee of £150.
  • Each 10 week workshop is £69 (£48 means tested benefit).
  • Mock/practice exams each costs £9 (£6 means tested benefit).
  • Each full exam will be £15 (£11 means tested benefit).

Financial support may be available for students looking to attend our ECDL workshops. If you live in Swansea, are seeking employment or in work but needing to improve your IT skills and work prospects, you may be eligible for support. Costs are generally covered through one or three ways:

  1. Self-financed - ie. you pay.
  2. Funded by your employer.
  3. Eligible for funding through Swansea Council's employment support programme.

To discuss your options, please contact Lifelong Learning on 01792 637101, or apply online below.

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Course date

Course time

Course venue

Course tutor

Course code

Thursday 3 October 20199.30am - 11.30amCREST, CwmbwrlaGraham PowersCOURSE FULL
Thursday 16 January 20209.30am - 11.30amCREST, Cwmbwrla (subject to change)Graham PowersCOURSE FULL
Thursday 23 April 20209.30am - 11.30amCREST, CwmbwrlaGraham Powers2003


Thursday 3 October 20196.30pm - 8.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie SalomonCOURSE FULL
Thursday 16 January 20206.30pm - 8.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie Salomon2012
Thursday 23 April 20206.30pm - 8.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie Salomon2013


Friday 4 October 201912.30pm - 2.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie SalomonCOURSE FULL
Friday 17 January 202012.30pm - 2.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie SalomonCOURSE FULL
Friday 24 April 202012.30pm - 2.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie Salomon2033


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