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Citizens inspiring others to take climate change action

People and organisations are heading for a new web page to help Swansea tackle the climate emergency.

Public Transport Signs

Public Transport Signs

A range of individuals and groups are making their actions and wishes known on the council's online Climate Pledge Wall.

It allows citizens to take a swift and simple step to tell others how they're helping the planet.

Each online pledge explains how the signatory is playing their part in helping Swansea become greener and carbon net zero.

Many are pledging to ditch their cars in favour of public transport, with many cycling or walking for shorter journeys.

Some want to cut down on - or cut out - travel by plane. Also high on the list is more support for local businesses, saving on energy and developing areas in gardens or local green spaces for wildlife.

The council aims to become net zero by 2030 and to make the city net zero by 2050.

Andrea Lewis, the council's joint deputy leader and cabinet member for climate change and service transformation, said: "I thank all those who've made pledges on our online wall.

"There are some inspiring messages there - a great number of actions we can take as a community to help make the world a better place for future generations."

The council is already going greener and has signed a charter on climate action which makes a commitment to take action on climate change, biodiversity and nature.

If you'd like to publicly state your wish to help make Swansea net zero carbon, sign the city's climate pledge now -