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2011 Census: Topic Reports and Further Research

This page provides information and analysis from the 2011 Census on the characteristics of the population and households in Swansea.

The initial headline 2011 Census estimates for local authorities in England and Wales were published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in July 2012. Since then, statistics from the 2011 Census for local areas and for specific topics have been published by ONS in a series of phased releases. The information can be used to derive added value from the 2011 Census data by, for example, identifying local needs, allocating resources and to plan the delivery of public services. Census data is also widely used by academics, businesses, voluntary organisations and the general public.

A series of reports, briefing notes and other information from the 2011 Census, focusing on the key statistics for Swansea by topic, including trends over time and local variations, will be added to this page in due course.

Reports currently available

2011 Census: PDF Document Release of Initial Results (PDF, 124KB)Opens new window (July 2012)

2011 Census Results: PDF Document Initial Supplementary Data (PDF, 170KB)Opens new window (October 2012)

2011 Census: PDF Document Second Address Estimates (PDF, 133KB)Opens new window

2011 Census: PDF Document Population by Ethnic Group and Religion (PDF, 230KB)Opens new window

2011 Census: PDF Document Welsh Language Skills (PDF, 873KB)Opens new window  (updated August 2020)

2011 Census: PDF Document Households and Household Composition (PDF, 263KB)Opens new window

Further statistics and information from the 2011 Census in Swansea is also available from the following web pages: 

If you have any further enquiries regarding the 2011 Census and the availability of data, please contact us.

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