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2011 Census - first results released

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) published the first local authority level results from the 2011 Census on 16 July 2012.

ONS reported that Swansea's population as at Census day (27 March 2011) had reached 239,000 - which is 15,500 (6.9%) higher than the published mid-year estimate for 2001. A summary PDF Document briefing note (PDF, 124KB)Opens new window detailing the initial 2011 Census results for Swansea is available. The statistics released in July included local authority population totals and an age/gender breakdown of the population (rounded) by five-year age groups.

Further analysis of the initial results (July 2012) is also provided in a PDF Document supplementary briefing note (PDF, 170KB)Opens new window. The analysis includes additional information on response rates, the components of the Census estimates for Swansea, confidence intervals, occupied households, communal establishment residents, estimates of short-term UK residents and internet completion rates.

Within this release phase, ONS has since published further information from the 2011 Census:

* 24 September: Unrounded Census population estimates by single year of age and sex

* 22 October: Number of people with second addresses in local authorities in England and Wales - by age, sex, and type of second address. A PDF Document summary (PDF, 133KB)Opens new window of these statistics for Swansea is available

* 23 November: Population and Household Estimates for Wards and Output Areas - including population by five year age bands and sex; population in households/communal establishments; area/population density; occupied households/average household size.

Further information on local population characteristics will become available in future 2011 Census release phases. ONS' current Census outputs timetable is summarised at this link.

[Note: On 25 September, ONS published the 2011 mid year population estimates for local authorities in England & Wales - the first to be based on the 2011 Census results. Further information on the latest estimates for Swansea is available here.]

If you have any further enquiries regarding the 2011 Census in Swansea, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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