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Swansea Castle

Inextricably linked with the most powerful and ambitious men and women of the medieval period, the castle's history reads like a medieval who's who, full of murder, marriages of convenience, double crossing and devious alliances.

Swansea's medieval fortress has withstood siege, rebellion and the Blitz - a true survivor at the heart of the city. Come along with us to discover the castle's hidden stories.

The first timber castle was built on this naturally defensible knoll above the River Tawe around 1106 by Henry de Beaumont, the first Norman Lord of Gower. This was the start of a 200 year battle for control of Swansea and Gower - between the Marcher Lords and the Welsh princes.

The castle today

Although today the castle is dwarfed by surrounding buildings, it remains a survivor at the heart of the city.

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