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Scrutiny in Swansea

In this section you will find information on scrutiny in Swansea

The scrutiny function is delivered through the Scrutiny Programme Committee together with a number of Scrutiny Inquiry and Performance Panels. A copy of the scrutiny work programme can be downloaded on the right. In addition monthly meetings lists and details of meetings and scrutiny work can be found on the scrutiny blog.Opens new window.

The main aim of scrutiny is to act as a 'critical friend' to the Cabinet and other decision makers in order to promote better services, policies and decisions. Working in a similar way to parliamentary select committees, scrutiny involves councillors who are not in the cabinet.

Scrutiny makes a difference by ensuring that local decision making is better, that local services are improved and that local democracy is strengthened.

Please visit the relevant sections below for further information:

Scrutiny Publications

Search through all the scrutiny publications.

Scrutiny Programme Committee

The Scrutiny Programme Committee has a cross cutting and coordinating role in respect of the work of the scrutiny boards and an overview of scrutiny nationally.

Scrutiny Panels

Informal Scrutiny panels are established by the Scrutiny Programme Committee, with conveners appointed by the committee.

Scrutiny Dispatches

Scrutiny dispatches provides the headlines from the work of scrutiny. It is produced on a monthly basis and provides a snapshot of the work of scrutiny that month.

How to get involved in Scrutiny

There are many ways in which you can get involved in the Scrutiny process.

How can you make a request for scrutiny?

All persons who live or work in the City & County of Swansea can make a request for scrutiny on matters of local concern.

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